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Check out the tool behind door number 5 on the #24DaysOfAI on the 2023 #Appvent calendar!

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Welcome to day five of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on a handy AI tool called Mindjoy. 

With the furore around the usefulness of AI within EdTech, this year’s Appvent calendar focuses on our #24DaysOfAI event – for all the conversations and shares on the calendar, please do check out the hashtag on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.  

Our AI tool of the day:

Today’s tool is… Mindjoy!  Mindjoy is a great tool that enables you to create your own GPT Chatbots safely for your pupils to use to act as tutors to assist them with their independent work and learning within the classroom. Alternatively, you can choose from one of their many pre-created tutors.

Educational Benefits: 

As explained in my recent post on Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem, AI has the propensity to help learners achieve additional progress when used to complement traditional teaching methods – enter Mindjoy!

Practical Application: 

Mindjoy is currently in Beta so you do have to request access, but once in, creating tutors for your pupils to use is a breeze. I/Mark recently shared this at an AI conference with teachers and leaders using the tools as pupils and they raved about it. It truly is a great tool. You can even set up the tool to engage with students socratically. 

Engaging socratically as a chatbot involves posing thought-provoking questions, guiding users to insights rather than directly informing, encouraging critical thinking and self-reflection, fostering a cooperative dialogue, and adapting to responses, all aimed at deepening understanding through questioning and reflective dialogue. Nifty eh? You can sign up to access Mindjoy and give it a whirl here

Considerations and Tips: 

Onboarding pupils is a feature they are developing with single-sign-on features being added soon, but you can still bring your pupils in via a class code and assigning a tutor to a class is easy. Another nice feature of Mindjoy is that you can see every interaction that learners have taken with the Chatbot via the Student Activity section within the tool. 

Learn more about Mindjoy by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here. You can sign up to use Mindjoy here.

Stay Ahead with AI in Education:

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