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Are you wondering what the tool behind door number 6 on the #24DaysOfAI on the 2023 #Appvent Calendar?

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Welcome to day six of the 2023 Appvent calendar where today we will focus on another fab AI tool called Conker. 

AI tool of the day:

Produced from the team that brought you the lockdown teaching and learning lifesaver, Mote, Conker is a general-purpose AI quiz maker.  US-based, this tool offers free, basic, and pro versions and a school-wide option with monthly and annual payment options.  

Educational Benefits: 

Conker is incredibly versatile.  It can be used in any subject at any age level.  

A well-constructed quiz can be a great way to promote assessment for learning and is also a great tool for retrieval practice.  

Practical Application: 

To get started, teachers can use a Google account or email address.  Once signed in, creating a quiz involves three simple steps:

1. Enter a topic;

2. Customise; and,

3. Generate!

During the second step, you need to decide on the question type (Multiple choice, Mixed, Read&Respond, or Fill-In-The-Blank), the number of questions that you would like, the Grade level, and the language output.  

It really is that simple and quick!  I made a quiz in less than 30 seconds.  The quiz can then be shared via a link or for ‘Google Schools’ opened in Google Forms and shared with students.

Reordering the questions can be achieved by clicking and dragging.  You can change the text of any question or answer.

Considerations and Tips: 

The answer to each question can be validated through a Google Search with a quick click.  This is a great feature to help overcome the validity and bias hurdle.   

At the bottom of the generated quiz, there is an option to refine the quiz or create an entirely new one.  

As with any new tool, educators should perform a risk assessment before using it in an educational setting to ensure there are no issues in terms of data protection and privacy.  

Learn more about Conker by visiting their website here or by checking out their social media here

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