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App Smackdown at TeachMeet Clevedon

By June 15, 20134 Comments

The App Smackdown at TeachMeet Clevedon between myself and @gavinsmart was a real blast and really enjoyed it! Lots of great apps shared in a fun way. Inspired by a similar ‘smackdown’ I had recently with Joe Dale.

At the end of his post, Gavin has a video that he arranged with BBC News Techhnology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones who said that Gavin was the winner. I can take that. Thanks Gavin. Amazing night. Amazing people. Amazing opportunities for learning and CPD.

Watch our presentation below.

This post cross-posted from Gavin’s blog here.


Mark – Tap Roulette and Decide Now

Gavin – Too Noisy and Decibel 10th

Mark – Cloud Art

Gavin – Wordfoto

Mark – Moldiv

Gavin – Spout

Mark – Space craft 3D

Gavin – Anatomy 4D

Mark – Oboto

Gavin – Thinglink

Mark – Wifi photo

Gavin – Electric Slide

Mark – Nearpod

Gavin – SpreakerDJ

The verdict…


Mark Anderson

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