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Andy Hutt – Connecting the analogue and digital worlds

By March 9, 2011No Comments

Andy spoke about how we can connect the analogue and digital world together through publishing (sharing student work with a wider audience) and celebrating what has been achieved. Can we capture the analogue world through a digital format? 

Scan their work and produce a digital format:, Rasterbator, PosterIT

Written stories, artwork can be uploaded to sites such as: Issuu (online book) and Scribd to create class anthologies and albums.

Audacity, Posterous, Cueprompter (scripts which scroll up the screen) – All free software

Glogster – creating posters which tell a story by combining materials, written and image.

Lulu – documents can be uploaded and published into high quality artefacts such as books! (print on demand). 


Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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