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A simple productivity hack for a helpful marginal gain

By April 8, 2022No Comments

A short post here but thought worthy of sharing for its helpful nature. Followers of my work will know that I frequently share about aggregated marginal gains to your edtech use that when combined, can bring a cumulative impact to your efficiency, workload and more. One such approach is looking at keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes though, there’s more to a shortcut you might use than meets the eye.

One staple of my practice for literally decades has been the  ALT + TAB combination which enables us to easily switch between the open apps you have by cycling through each app with each tap of the TAB key.

Whether you’re using a MacBook, iPad (CMD + TAB) or a Windows or Chrome device (ALT + TAB) the effect is the same.

One problem I often find is that I tap TAB too quickly and then have to keep pressing TAB to cycle through every app in the list until I have looped through all of my open apps to get to the program I wanted in the first place.

What some don’t know though is that if you add SHIFT to the mix, ie. ALT + TAB + SHIFT, you cycle through your open Windows in reverse, thus saving you having to cycle through each one.

For Mac users, it’s the exact same process, just switch out ALT for CMD 🙌🏻

Have a great weekend!

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Mark Anderson

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