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6 apps with lots of ideas for learning in 7 minutes

By May 31, 2016November 23rd, 20162 Comments

I discussed recently with someone that my blog was more about sharing technology ideas than a resource but they argued back that whilst much of what I write about it recommendations for tools that will work in the classroom, the resources and ideas that spark from the ideas shared here are really worthwhile. I guess that might be what resonates with the various readers of my blog.

Back in 2015 I did some work with RM that led to me working with teachers and student digital leaders from Elm Park Primary School in London. A few months ago, one of the teachers got in touch and asked if I could create a short video for their RTC Teachmeet event at the school and so I was happy to oblige.

Please find my video presentation with 6 or so app ideas with learning ideas attached to them below. The video lasts just under 7 minutes. I hope you find it helpful.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.