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Russell Prue | Facebook & Fones @ #swgfl11 @russellprue

By July 6, 2011No Comments

Russell’s powerful seminar at the SWGFL conference took us through lots of persuasive arguments that pervade our consciousness and conscience as we continue to work with students and ICT. He talked, as per the theme of the conference about ICT being in our (their) hands about empowering students by putting responsibility for their actions and their activities on to them. By taking the fantastic potential of the resource that is Facebook and their phones and allowing students to use these things in school.

Russell shared ideas about how these things can be achieved and talked about how student led AUP (Acceptable Use Policies) can be developed from student voice in order to maintain good order using these great tools. He also described how a teacher could set up their own ‘School Teacher’ Facebook account – e.g. ICT Anderson to enable teachers to maintain the separation between their own personal Facebook accounts and their pedagogical accounts.

The powerful and collaborative nature of Facebook, coupled with the announcement today on Facebook about them adding video chat as a feature (via Skype) makes it even more desirable a platform; when indeed you think about what skills the students would need training in to use the system, ie none! They already come tooled to do the job!

Russell’s resources from the sessions can be found here:

The podcast from the live radio section of the show, when available, can be found here:

You can find out more about Russell on the link above. You can follow him on twitter at @russellprue

And yes, he’s also on Facebook:

Thank you for another brilliant session Russell.

Quoting @gavinsmart yesterday from the event on Twitter: “At the #swgfl @russellprue is brilliant!


Other resources shared:

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.

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