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TeachMeet Clevedon 3

Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist talks Google Forms for quizzes with automatic assessment!

By October 20, 20114 Comments

Mark spoke about Google Forms and how useful they are in the classroom for tests and surveys amongst other things. Some forms can even be marked for you! Mark advised you’d need a google account and knowledge of forms in some way. But otherwise, it was very easy.

A short video was played showing a screencast on how to do this.

Set up form with multiple choice questions, choose a skin and then go to spreadsheet view and add script called Flubaroo. Install onto the sheet and it will put an extra menu onto your sheet. Put in a set of correct answers yourself using the form and submit. To run the Flubaroo you must have already run the quiz too. Press on Flubaroo and then grade assignment, change the scores and then tell Flubaroo which is the answer key, choose yours! Your assignments will then be graded. Various statistics will be given for each participant who has answered.


Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist. Click here to learn more.


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