iPad 100 series

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Here are all of my iPad 100 posts linked up in one place:


iPad in schools 101 – In the beginning http://buff.ly/TNmYa1

iPad in schools 102 – Why iPad? http://buff.ly/ZjYmuD

iPad in schools 103 – THE device http://buff.ly/TNnbdB

iPad in schools 104 – THE learning http://buff.ly/ZjYH0r

iPad in schools 105 – Workflow–How to save, work with multiple apps and share http://buff.ly/ZjYQkr

iPad in schools 106 – The importance of your infrastructure http://buff.ly/ZjYXwh

iPad in schools 107 – Why trialling is important http://buff.ly/TNnxRj

iPad in schools 108 – The importance of training & staffhttp://buff.ly/TNnF3o

iPad in schools 109 – Ways in which mirroring can take placehttp://buff.ly/TNnPYx

iPad in schools 110 – Stakeholders http://buff.ly/TNo31z



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