The Key Aspects I Completed:

    I worked closely with Nina to discover what she truly wanted from a web presence. From that point we spent time together discussing the look and feel of the design and conceived a design she was truly happy with. I then developed the site using a variety of bits of content which I optimised ready for use on the site.

    Getting your website right takes a lot of time, care, attention and skill. Developing a key set of content with images, text and photos of Nina took time to procure. Close friend and ITL associate Jane Hewitt provided some amazing photos of Nina to use on the TeachLearnCreate website.

    Once the various elements of the site had been curated, decided and chosen for appropriateness and layout options decided, the site was developed over the course of two days. This time was spent working closely with the client to ensure everything was developed to her liking. Nina had very specific thoughts about every aspect of the site and so it was important to her to have this level of support throughout this development stage.

    Once the site had been completed and handed over to Nina, she requested a support contract for a year which I provided for the next 12 months. This involved ensuring the site was updated regularly, backed up and I also provided support in some elements of coding of elements she wanted to include in her blog. Additionally, I spent some time working on tweaking some elements that she wanted changing on some of the different pages.

    In addition to the services provided, I spent time working with Nina around key Social Media to support her outreach work. I trained her in her use of Twitter, Google+, Google Hangouts and other social networks to improve the reach of her work, particularly in how blog posts come across from the site via Social Media. In addition to this, plugins were added to the site in order to regularly push content to Social Media to help drive traffic to the site.