Every Day Is A Learning Day

A teacher of more than twenty years, Mark’s passion for education sprang from an early age. He became a teacher because, like many, he wanted to make the world a better place.  His exemplary career has seen him take on many different roles, from staff Governor to head of department to local authority lead teacher and more. He’s been involved in many whole school projects such as developing learning spaces, student digital leaders, Teachmeets, teaching and learning conferences, introducing 1:1 iPads and more. He has served on leadership teams and managed multiple teaching departments including pastoral roles such as head of year.

He started blogging and sharing via social media in 2010 and since then has gone on to receive numerous awards and commendations for the sharing work that he does. Mark successfully started the very popular TeachMeet Clevedon and has since gone on to organise and be involved with more than 30 TeachMeets across the UK, including the popular TMLondon.

Mark’s first published book, ‘Perfect ICT (Every) Lesson’ has topped the Amazon Education charts a number of times and he has significantly contributed to many more books, such as:

  •  One Best Thing – Student Digital Leaders
  • Augmented Reality in Education
  • More Ed, Less Tech
  • Don’t Change The Lightbulbs (contributor)
  • Freaked Out (contributor)
  • 100 ideas for secondary teachers (contributor)
  • There Is Another Way (The Second Big Book Of Independent Thinking) contributor

His work with technology has led to a number of recognitions too which has seen him become a:

  • Google Certified Innovator
  • Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Microsoft Certified Educator

In addition to that, Mark supports a number of different companies in a variety of different ways, not for payment but to support their work as he believes in what they do:

  • Explain Everything Advisory Board
  • ClassDojo UK Lead Ambassador
  • Book Creator Ambassador
  • Innovate My School Advisory Board
  • Showbie Champion

Mark’s skills are wide-ranging but if you wonder what he does when he isn’t tweeting, writing, travelling or helping others; you’ll normally find him mixing or writing music. Another feather in Mark’s cap is that he was once a very successful club DJ playing the very best in house music. This work led to him travelling all over the world playing at some of the world’s very best clubs such as the Ministry of Sound. If you’d like to hear some of his latest mixes, then please do visit his MixCloud site.