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The Modern Educator – part one

By June 1, 20169 Comments

As noted in some of my tweets recently I am undertaking some work with Independent Thinking on the Isle of Man this week. It’s a really exciting project.

My part of it is looking at what it takes to be a modern educator. I obviously have my points of view on this but to start off with I thought (in true ‘modern educator’ style) to my PLN and ask them…

Meanwhile searching the same hashtag I’d found a poster created by Reid Wilson (@wayfaringpath) on that topic. Rather than use his version, I repurposed it and created my own sketchnote of it:


This inspired me further… from the quotes and responses I had from the members of my PLN (and thank you to everyone who responded) I created my own cloud and crowd-sourced version as a sketchnote which you can see below:

Modern Educator MA small

Clearly key aspects such as:

  • student voice
  • independent learning
  • resilient learners and teachers
  • connected educators
  • caring teachers
  • relationships
  • creativity
  • inquisitivity
  • flexibility

… are very important and I would agree with these too. Of course there are many more that feature. What is interesting is that many responses point out that teachers role model the attitudes and aspects that we should expect from children themselves too. I think it important to note that the responses come from educators from all over the world, not just geographically local.

One quote that really resonates with me to single just one out was that from @jobaker9:

My session will go on to look at other aspects of what it takes to be a modern educator. Leading from this we will explore different ways in which dialogues about learning can develop further.

Expect further posts to explore these aspects.

Mark Anderson

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