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ICT to engage learners

By | CPD | 2 Comments

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to provide some training opportunities for staff at the school I work at today on some of the many different amazing tools that are out there for people to use in their lessons to inspire, engage and help focus students on the…

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What is the purpose of education?

By | T & L | 3 Comments

This debate has really got me thinking. What is the purpose of education? I have been lucky to have become a father twice over in the last two (and a bit) years and that, coupled with some life changing experiences, such as seeing young refugees being taught at the Cowandilla…

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Andy Hutt – Connecting the analogue and digital worlds

By | TeachMeet Clevedon 1 | No Comments

Andy spoke about how we can connect the analogue and digital world together through publishing (sharing student work with a wider audience) and celebrating what has been achieved. Can we capture the analogue world through a digital format?  Scan their work and produce a digital format: Blockposters.com, Rasterbator, PosterIT Written stories, artwork can…

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Andy Hutt – Stream2School

By | TeachMeet Clevedon 1 | No Comments

Andy introduced Stream2School (who have donated a kindle for a prize draw at Clevedon’s TeachMeet), which schools can install with the aim of ‘renting’ the software rather than purchasing it, reducing costs dramatically and encouraging innovation. The range of software is large and can be trialled by schools. www.stream2school.com

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