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By | EdTech, T & L | 4 Comments

  There’s been a fair bit of mention of the SAMR framework recently so I thought I’d share another rendition of the framework. I’ve always preferred looking at it in a vertical sense, moving upwards rather than a top down looking model. It makes more sense to me. What do…

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Good habits that support learning

By | T & L | No Comments

I’ve been thinking more and more about the working habits of students. Most recently today I’ve been thinking about the way in which students submit their work to us. They can do it in a multitude of different ways, and we try to drill in good habits of presentation when students are…

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iPad 100 series

By | iPad | 4 Comments

Here are all of my iPad 100 posts linked up in one place:   iPad in schools 101 – In the beginning http://buff.ly/TNmYa1 iPad in schools 102 – Why iPad? http://buff.ly/ZjYmuD iPad in schools 103 – THE device http://buff.ly/TNnbdB iPad in schools 104 – THE learning http://buff.ly/ZjYH0r iPad in schools 105 – Workflow–How to…

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iPad 110 – Stakeholders

By | ICT, iPad | No Comments

Involving all stakeholders in any large scale school project is really important and it’s essential to remember this. Parents are no exception. I wouldn’t say that we got everything right with what we did but certainly, involving parents in the project is something you should definitely do. It’s particularly crucial…

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iPad 109 – mirroring

By | iPad | 9 Comments

I often get asked the question about mirroring your iPad and how you do it. Mirroring is the process of getting whatever is on your iPad screen on to a projector in your classroom or a TV / monitor elsewhere. There are a number of ways in which this can be…

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