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My presentation from Dubai DESC TechFest 2013

By | iPad | 3 Comments

Below you’ll find my presentation from the DESC TechFest 2013 incorporating some inspiration from @gregkulowiec‘s blog in how I presented my presentation. The presentation itself talks through the basics of using Nearpod, then leads on to some ideas of using WordFoto (£1.49), Decide Now (69p) and Spreaker DJ (free). Check out the…

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ICT to support early years learning

By | ICT | 4 Comments

Looking for ICT to support early years learning? Here are some of the best rated tools out there and some free resources for teachers.   Teach Your Monster To Read Award winning website that helps young people practice their first steps in reading http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/   Beluga Learning / Maths Brilliant site…

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Nearpod for progress and AFL

By | ICT | 5 Comments

What’s the story? A staple of many an iPad classroom is the popular free App, Nearpod. Whilst I firmly believe it is not the be all and end all, this app is one which is great to help bridge the confidence gap for teachers between newbie iPad user to über…

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Google Story Builder

By | EdTech | 16 Comments

Launched some time ago now, Google Story Builder allows you (or even better, your students) to create short movies or video stories in a Google Docs style environment… Great if your students already use Google Apps for Edu. You can choose different characters, story and music and when you’re done…

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Apple have just blown my mind…

By | iPad | 5 Comments

Apple have just blown my mind… Having watched the keynote and seen their various new lines with MacBook Pro’s and new iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display, so forth and so on, I was pretty happy. Some great kit being offered there. It wasn’t until I was able…

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V-blogging in your classroom

By | iPad | 2 Comments

You might have got a handle on the advantages of blogging in your classroom, and the many pros of giving your students a public audience for their work, however have you considered adding V-blogging to your armoury of tools to engage your class? A relatively new Video-blogging (V-blog) app that…

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Teachers’ Standards

By | CPD | 3 Comments

Like Zoë Elder, I’m doing some work around Teachers’ Standards at the moment. Following on from seeing her collection of ‘Quipio‘ posters in a post here, I thought I’d make my own to use both electronically in presentations and to print out a bit bigger and use elsewhere, such as…

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How to use Padlet and why…

By | EdTech | 49 Comments

About 6 years ago, a web 2.0 tool came along called ‘Wallwisher’ which everyone raved about and it really was the belle of the edtech ball. It was very popular indeed, but over time, it became more unpredictable and thus unreliable. As time rolled on so less and less teachers…

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Use of WordPress for parental contact

By | ICT | 8 Comments

I’ve been working today with a colleague who has responsibility for the Senior Academy at my school and we’ve been talking about how we could better communicate with the parents in our community. We currently have a text messaging service but we discussed different avenues. Parentmail School website and more……..

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Learning for me

By | Learning | No Comments

This is why I do what I do and I aim to be better at it… There has never been a greater time to learn about how to be a better teacher, share resources and reflect upon your own practice. No longer can we as a profession use the excuse…

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Oh man…..

By | ICT | One Comment

Oh man…. A pun I know but what a time I’ve had. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by my trip this week and so when people have been asking me how my trip went, I really do feel like saying that. It was amazing. When someone first asks you if you’d…

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